The last couple of days have been a reminder of how much of a technological novice I still am and how frustrating technology can be.  I have created and lost my Photo Sharing post twice and have begun screaming at my computer like a mad man.  To prevent further losing my mind I have decided to break my post into three smaller pieces.  The first is going to to discuss the educational content of YouTube.  The second is going to explore Glogster, and the third the powerful educational assets available on TED Talks.


Educational Content

Educational content available on YouTube is truly amazing.  Case in point if you wanted to know how to properly embed a YouTube video into your Word Press blog you have plenty of clips to choose from. From many a technological fix to skills like proper techniques in laying tile, YouTube is full of how to assistance.

An aspect of YouTube that I did not explore enough, is the process of student created clips.  I am interested to try and create an assignment where students would submit their own creations to YouTube.


2 thoughts on “Video Sharing

  1. I too want to use YouTube as a place to store student assignments, but it makes me wonder if you would have to get parents signed permission first in order to post videos of their children on the internet? I get a little paranoid about parents biting my head off.

  2. A good start to an exploration of different video resources online. I agree with your positive impressions on youtube, glogster and ted talks! These are all excellent resources for students and teachers alike.

    I would have loved to see a video that you were able to produce and embed on your site, but it seems you’ve been having a bit of a struggle lately with wordpress and losing work! Very frustrating. I hope that from now on your blog is a little less unruly!

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