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Announcing a new way to use video to create customized lessons: the “Flip This Lesson” feature from TED-Ed, now in beta at ed.ted.com.

With this feature, educators can use, tweak, or completely redo any video lesson featured on TED-Ed, or create lessons from scratch based on a TEDTalk or any video from YouTube. How? Just plug the video in and start writing questions, comments, even quizzes — then save the lesson as a private link and share with your students. The site allows you to see who’s completed the lessons and track individual progress. It’s still in beta, but we’re so excited about this feature we had to share.

Watch the short video to learn how it works:

“Flip This Lesson” is an open platform — you can create a lesson from any video, whether from the TED-Ed library, from more than 1,000 TEDTalks, or from any video…

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  1. Hi!
    We have several teachers who have ‘flipped their classrooms”. They would admit that a low percentage of their students actually watch the videos on their own time BUT they do say that the results are better than in years past as the flipped concept allows for more time to practice the applications of skills and knowledge.

    I’m going to work closely with another colleague in the Social Studies department to attempt some flipped Socials 11 classes. I’m not going to devote so much time to it that my entire unit plans end up this way, but want to give it a try.

    It is definitely a move towards the reality that teachers no longer are the gatekeepers to knowledge and that students are able to access information in so many different ways.

    thanks for sharing! Love TED talks!!!

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