I love TED Talks.  During my practicum it was fascinating listening to many of the Talks.  TED continues to be a place in which brilliant innovators come to together to create great educational materials.  One of these innovators is Salman Khan who was a Hedge Fund Analyst who stumbled upon a teaching method while trying to tutor his cousins.

He has turned his epiphany while tutoring into the Khan Academy that varies from basic arithmetic to vector calculus.

TEd has continued to innovate with its newly released TED Ed.  I have attempted to reblog the TED Ed blog.  There is much to explore on TED Ed.


One thought on “Video Sharing TED Talks

  1. I love this, and tried it out. It’s so easy and seems so professional. I sent out the link to Ted Ed to our staff to try. I love how you can use the platform for any video that’s online.

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