My Wiki Project

I have spent the last two weeks struggling with Google Sites and Wiki Spaces.  I have been trying to create a simple interactive tool that would allow me to get my ESL students to record their voices giving a speech that they had written.  I thought a wiki would be a good forum because I would be able to give prompt feedback and the students could hear themselves speak with a written transcript below.  I was able to put the audio file that I created onto a Wiki Spaces page.  During this process I have wondered about the overlap in many of the tools that we have been exploring.  With the explosion of social networking every site seems to include that feature into the makeup of their site.  Working with Wikis has been frustrating.  I have begun to wonder if using a blog in the fashion our class is would be far superior to the wiki.  However, I have been able to get my student to record speech on the wiki and we have begun diagnostic work on it.  He seems to enjoy hearing himself speak aloud and noted that it could help with his confidence.  The following link is to the Wiki we have begun to work on together:


On the Wiki I have posed audio recording from Audacity by myself and my student.  He had been working with longer Commencement Speeches and I am going to look to add those to the Wiki.  Trying to reach the link from this post encounters a privacy setting.    Instead of going through the subscription process I have attached the audio file I created on YouTube.

Educational Wikis

As I have muddled my way through some of these Web 2.0 Tools I have found that online instruction seems to be the most helpful, be it YouTube clips of the Wikis I have discovered.  For instance I found the Audacity Wiki helpful.  Audacity-logo-r_50pctThe image above links to the Wiki in which you can find numerous help features including, forums, point help topics, and updated user manuals that are downloadable. I also stumbled upon a UBC wiki that could have been helpful in the past that is on WordPress and wikis.  

UBC-logo  I am not sure if a Wiki is the answer I thought it was.  I think using recordings is a great way to aid ESL students and help them become more confident with their pronunciation in the comfort of their own homes, but perhaps blogs would be a better way to work with the student.



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  1. This blogpost provided an interesting example of how to implement some of these web 2.0 tools in your everyday practice. Having students record their voices as they speak out-loud is an excellent strategy for improvement. Having their peers and instructor provide feedback and responses, also recorded, would be very engaging. I would think that voice thread would be an suitable solution for this type of activity.

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