The beginning of my exploration into presentation sites began in a similar fashion to many other blog posts, crippling frustration. Realizing that posts look much sharper with embedded content I was confident that I could embed some Prezi presentations to discuss after watching a seemingly Word Press sponsored Prezi on embedding content onto your blog. Predictably, the simple share, copy embed code, post to text mode on the blog failed. Luckily, I stumbled upon the site:


It displayed how to monkey around with the code a little to get the bad boy embedded. Therefore, I have embedded the incorrect Prezi embedding Prezi below. Things change rapidly on the internet yet published materials are out there to stay. This makes it a little difficult to get the most up to date information sometimes.

Like most of the tools we have explored so far, Prezi is as good as the workman wielding it. With Prezi this effect seems to be amplified. I looked at some Prezis for George Orwell’s 1984 because I am currently helping a student with that novel. The Prezi below almost gave me motion sickness in its ‘New Vocabulary’ section. Similar to PowerPoint, unnecessary and aimless animation seem to distract from the presentations in my opinion, though they may be fun to create.

Another aspect of PowerPoint presentations that I do not like is large pockets of text. This too is amplified on prezi. The presentation below zooms you from one big block of text to another.

The following Prezi expertly displays some of the advantages and pitfalls (such as motion sickness) that Prezis can present. It creatively makes use of the zoom function in keying on topic, images and videos. My only critique is that is is still somewhat linear in its digestion though it recommends the free movement of thoughts and teaching methods.

Thinking about how I would use Prezi in the classroom led my back to 1984. I think it would be a great tool to introduce a project, novel or even the course outline. Students could access it any time they wish and it could be full of useful information, guidelines, videos and images. The following Prezi illustrates some of the these points.

I like how for this assignment you can quickly zoom in to any aspect of it and quickly zoom back out to get an overview of the assignment. The objectives are clearly marked as well as the marking expectations. It is creative and simple to use while it is visually fresh. I think Prezi could be used very effectively in the classroom. The only presentation site that I had experience with prior to this post was Glogster. After the quick exploration I believe I would rather work with Prezi.


5 thoughts on “Presentation Sites

  1. Ok. I’ll agree. That second Prezi has some nauseating zooming going on. There’s a great book called Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds has amazing pointers on avoiding the pitfalls of too much text in a powerpoint (or Prezi).

  2. didn’t know that you could post a prezi into a blog. Never thought of it actually, but it makes sense that you can do it!
    Funny, I was familiar with prezi, but not glogster. I recently was introduced to glogster, and like some of it’s uses. I am a prezi person though, as I am a linear thinker and do like the linear aspect of prezi!

  3. Your thoughts on Prezi hit really close to home. I usually find the animations too busy/distracting/nausea inducing to care about the information being presented. I also think that students spend too much time making their Prezi’s flashy and not enough time making them educationally sound.

  4. Hi Jagroop, I agree that the zooming can be nauseating. The templates are a great start for kids to get good ideas about design. I have had frustrations with embedding and mysteriously disappearing pics etc. too.

  5. Great points about the abilities to make a good presentation go way beyond being able to simply use the tool. Great work on troubleshooting how to embed prezi’s right in your blog and lots of good examples of what not to do!

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